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MacWorld Review Mapi Orion Case for iPhone 5

“Just like Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad, the Mapi case’s front cover folds back to create a stand to hold up your iPhone in portrait orientation. There’s also a back panel that rotates to prop your iPhone up in landscape orientation.” Read the complete review here.

iPhoneLife magazine reviews Mapi Orion case for iPad Mini

“The Orion’s excellent material, design, and construction all come together to make a top quality leather case and stand combined!” Read the complete review here. Shop Mapi Orion case for iPad mini here.

Introducing The New Milano Case for iPad Mini

“The Milano design is made with 100% premium leather with a zip closure on three sides. Designed with the frequent traveler in mind, it features two sculptured storage pockets for ID’s or frequent flier reward cards, two small pockets for business cards and two fully lined pockets for storing travel documents, passport or boarding pass.” … Continue reading

Tablet2Cases reviews Mapi Orion iPad Mini Folio

“The first takeaway from the Orion iPad Mini folio: This is one classy, quality product by Mapi Cases.”   To read the full review click here. To shop the Orion iPad Mini Folio click here.


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